How to Configure SAML 2.0 for Beam


Supported Features

The Okta/Beam SAML integration currently supports the following features:

For more information on the listed features, visit the Okta Glossary.

Configuration Steps

  1. Login to your Beam account as an administrator.

  2. Navigate to Organization > Authentication, then next to Authentication Method, click Change:

    beam SSO config page

  3. Select Okta, then click Continue:

    beam select OKTA SSO

  4. Enter the following:

    • Okta XML: Copy and paste the following:

      Sign in to Okta Admin app to have this variable generated for you.
    • Click Test SSO Configuration to test your settings.

  5. Select either Do Not Allow Guests or Allow Guests, then click Continue:

    beam select authentication method

  6. Click Confirm and Send E-Mail:

    beam confirm authentication method

  7. Done!


The following SAML attributes are supported:

SP-initiated SSO

  1. Go to: https://app.suitabletech.com/sso/initiate-login/.

  2. Enter your Email, then click Sign in:

  3. beam SSO