How to Configure SAML 2.0 for Workboard

  1. Send an email to the Workboard Support team and request that they enable SAML 2.0 for your account.

  2. Save and attach the following to your email:

    • Metadata URL: Copy and paste the following:

      Sign in to the Okta Admin app to have this variable generated for you

    • Unique Customer Key: [YourCustomerKey].

      For example: if your Okta BaseURL is https://acme.okta.com/, use acme for the [YourCustomerKey] value.

  3. In Okta, select the Sign On tab for the Workboard app, then click Edit.

    • For Default Relay State, enter /wb/user/login?saml_sso=[yourCustomerKey].

    • Click Save.


  4. The Workboard Support team will process your request. After receiving a confirmation email, you can start assigning people to the application.

  5. Done!



    IDP-initiated flows and SP-initiated flows are supported.

    Just In Time (JIT) Provisioning is not supported.

  6. For SP-initiated flows:

    1. Open the following URL: https://www.myworkboard.com/wb/user/login?org=1

    2. Enter your Email.

    3. Click Verify.

    4. “workboard2.png”