How to Configure SAML 2.0 for LogMeIn

Before you Begin

Read this before you enable SAML

SAML 2.0 is supported by Common Login Service (CLS), so you must configure the LogMeIn Accounts application before using the LogMeIn SAML app.


Supported Features

The Okta/LogMeIn SAML integration currently supports the following features:

Configuration Steps

  1. Add the LogMeIn Accounts application to your Okta org.

  2. Follow the LogMeIn Accounts Setup Instructions.

  3. Add the LogMeIn SAML app to support IDP-initiated flows.

  4. Assign people to the LogMeIn SAML application.

  5. Done!


SP-initiated SSO

  1. Enter the login page for LogMeIn (https://accounts.logme.in/login.aspx).

  2. Enter your email address.

  3. Click the Log in button.