How to Configure SAML 2.0 for BlueJeans


Supported Features

The Okta/BlueJeans SAML integration currently supports the following features:

For more information on the listed features, visit the Okta Glossary.

Configuration Steps

  1. Sign in to BlueJeans  at www.bluejeans.com as a user with rights to edit SAML configuration.

  2. Navigate to ADMIN > SECURITY, then enter the following:

    • Click the SAML Single Sign On button.

    • Check Enable automatic provisioning.

    • Certificate Path: Download the following certificate, then click CHOOSE FILE to locate it and upload it to Blue Jeans:

      Sign in to the Okta Admin app to generate this variable.

    • Login URL: Copy and paste the following:

      Sign in to the Okta Admin app to generate this variable.

    • Password Change URL: Copy and paste the following:

      Sign into the Okta Admin Dashboard to generate this variable.

    • Logout URL: Copy and paste the same value from Password Change URL, above.

    • Fill in the User ID and Email fields with the correct information for your organization.

      Note: If the User ID field is not visible, uncheck Pick User ID from <saml2:NameID> element. This box is checked in the screenshot below.

    • RelayState: Make a copy of this value, you will need to enter it in Okta later.

    • Click SAVE CHANGES:



  3. In Okta, select the Sign On tab for the BlueJeans app, then click Edit.

    • Enter your RelayState value you made a copy of in step 2 into the Default Relay State field.

    • Click Save:


  4. Done!


The following SAML attributes are supported:

SP-initiated SSO

  1. Go to your Blue Jeans Enterprise Landing Page: http://[company_domain].bluejeans.com

  2. Click LOGIN:

  3. bluejeans_new_4.png