Configuring Provisioning for ServiceNow

This guide provides the steps required to configure Provisioning for ServiceNow.


This guide is for ServiceNow - Eureka and later releases.

This guide provides the steps required to configure Provisioning for ServiceNow and includes the following sections:


The following provisioning features are supported:


Before you configure provisioning for ServiceNow, make sure you have configured your complete Login URL name under the General Settings tab:


Configure your Sign-On Options on the next tab, then click Next to take you back to the Provisioning tab

Configuration Steps

Configure your Provisioning settings for ServiceNow as follows:

  1. Check the Enable API Integration box.

  2. Enter your ServiceNow credentials:

    • Admin User Name: Enter a ServiceNow username with administrator permissions for your organization.

    • Admin Password: Enter a password for your administrator account (above).

    • The rest of the attributes are populated with default values. If you need to edit any of these values, you will need to enter the corresponding column names in the ServiceNow SYS_USER table. See Troubleshooting Tips, below.


Troubleshooting Tips

Where do I find my SYS_USER table list?

  1. Log into your ServiceNow Admin Account.

  2. Select Ctl + Option(Alt) + N to open the Toggle Navigation Bar.

  3. Search for : Tables.

    • Under System Definition, select Tables.

  4. Search for SYS_USER.


How do I disable mapping for specific fields?

You can turn off synchronization for the specific field by leaving corresponding Service Now column name value as empty.

Active Directory Mapping Notes

There is predefined AD mapping for certain fields that is not modifiable and used only in case AD is configured as the source.

Also note that fields with predefined list of values (such as Location, Department, etc.) should be synchronized between AD and ServiceNow.

For example:

AD Department ServiceNow Department Comment
Development Development OK
Finance Finance should be added into Department list in ServiceNow.

In case Finance department is not listed in ServiceNow and it was set in AD for a certain user, the Department field value for this user will have old value (that is, not Finance) in ServiceNow.