Configuring Provisioning for Pathgather

This guide provides the steps required to configure Provisioning for Pathgather.


The following provisioning features are supported:


  1. Sign in to Pathgather with your admin account.

  2. Switch to Admin mode:

  3. pathgather1.png

  4. Navigate to Settings > Pathgather API.

  5. Generate, then make a copy of your API Key:

  6. pathgather2.png

Configuration Steps

  1. Check the Enable API Integration box.

  2. Enter your API Key into the corresponding field.

  3. Click Save:

  4. pathgather3.png

  5. Click To App in the left pane, then select the Provisioning Features you want to enable:

  6. pathgather4.png

Limitations and Troubleshooting