Configuring Provisioning for Litmos

This guide provides the steps required to configure Provisioning for Litmos.


Okta recently added support for Account Owner Access level for the Litmos application. In case your existing Litmos application does not support Account Owner Access level when assigning a user, you have to create a new instance of the Litmos application in your Okta org. If this is not acceptable, contact Okta Support and ask them to update your Litmos Application and add Account Owner Access level.


Supported Features

The following provisioning features are supported:


Complete the following before you configure provisioning for Litmos:

  1. Log in to your Litmos account as an Account Owner or Administrator.

  2. Click on the My Profile & Settings link in the top of the page:


  3. Scroll down and make a copy of your API key. You will need it to setup Litmos application in Okta.


Configuration Steps

Configure your Provisioning settings for Litmos as follows:

  1. Check the Enable API Integration box.

  2. Enter your Litmos API Credentials:

    • API Key: Enter the API key you copied from Litmos (see Requirements above). Also, make sure that your AccessLevel is Administrator or Account Owner.

    • Company: Enter your company name. This is used to identify you in Litmos. You can enter any value that identifies your organization in Litmos.


  3. Click Test API Credentials. If your API credentials are valid, you will see a success message, as shown here:


  4. Select To App in the left panel, then select the Provisioning Features you want to enable:


  5. Click Save.

  6. You can now assign people to the app, if needed (see below).

User Provisioning

  1. To assign users to the Litmos app, open the app, select the People tab and then click the Assign to People button:


  2. In the Assign Litmos to People dialog, select a user, then click the Assign button:


  3. You can select which access level grant to each user by selecting the corresponding value from the AccessLevel dropdown menu:


  4. Click the Save and Go Back button.

Troubleshooting Tips

Rate Limit Errors

Litmos has 100 requests per minute limit for API calls, which is a fairly low value. If you see any rate limits errors during import, contact Litmos Support to increase that value for your Litmos organization.

If you don't see rate limit errors during import, but they appear when you provision multiple users, you need to increase your own rate limits for your Litmis org. This is because all failed users/groups (due to a rate limit error) will be re-pushed again after some timeout.

Tip: Recommended Rate Limit value formula: total users + total groups * 2. For example: 10 users + 10 groups * 2 = 30 API calls per minute.

Schema Discovery

Litmos supports User Schema Discovery, so you can add some extra attributes to the User Profile. To do that:

  1. Go to Directory > Profile Editor.

  2. Select APPS section and find your app in the list

  3. Check the list of the attributes and if you don't find what you need, click + Add Attribute and a list of extended attributes is displayed.

  4. Check the attributes you want, then click Save.

  5. Now you are able to import and push these user attributes values from/to Litmos.

Advanced Custom Attributes

This feature is currently generally available in Preview orgs.

If you have this feature enabled, you can import advanced custom attributes in the user schema, as custom properties.