Configuring Provisioning for Cornerstone OnDemand

This guide provides the steps required to configure Provisioning for Cornerstone OnDemand.



The following provisioning features are supported:


Before you can enable Provisioning Features, you will need the following:

Configuration Steps

  1. Check the Enable provisioning features box.

  2. Under API CREDENTIALS, enter a valid Admin Username and Admin Password, then click Test API Credentials.

    If your credentials are valid, you’ll see a message saying that your credentials were successfully verified.

  3. cornerstone2.png

  4. Scroll down and select the Provisioning Features you'd like to enable, then click Next to proceed to the Assign to People tab.

  5. cornerstone3.png

  6. You can now assign people to the app, if needed.

  7. Click Done to finish the Cornerstone OnDemand App configuration.

User Assignment

  1. Navigate to the Assignments tab of your Cornerstone OnDemand app, click Assign, then click Assign to People.

  2. cornerstone4.png

  3. You can set the Division ID for the user (you can also override the mapping for this attribute). Note that if an incorrect Division ID is used, the user won’t be provisioned to Cornerstone OnDemand successfully. Please use the correct Division ID you set in your Cornerstone OnDemand tenant.

Schema Discovery

This feature is Early Access; contact Okta Support to enable it.

This feature allows you to extend the Cornerstone OnDemand App User profile with additional attributes using the Profile Editor and then sync them with Cornerstone OnDemand.

The following extended attributes are supported: